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In Africa he found the collapsed alien craft

В Африке отыскали рухнувший корабль инопланетянThe video is gaining popularity.

On YouTube channel “UFOmania” appeared the video, which contained images of the Zambezi river. There is, in the opinion of the authors of the video, crashed flying saucer. The coordinates of the following points: 18°04’14.8″S 26°40’35.3″E.

If you believe the accuracy of the estimated length of the UFO is 65 meters and a height of about 30. Experts 100% confident that Africa had fallen alien spacecraft. The shape of the object perfectly symmetrical, which confirms the speculation of experts.

Skeptics, in turn, suggested that the picture captures the natural elevation. This version is, to put it mildly, not quite believable. As the researchers note, collapsed saucer remained intact. Consequently, in the depths of Zimbabwe can disappear completely a spaceship humanoid.

At the moment there is no possibility to check the assumptions of experts. It is not excluded that the pictures no longer relevant. If the ship is still on the place, it may be the remains of aliens.

According to experts, the planet quite a lot of fallen UFOs. Some have already been found and classified, and some have yet to discover.

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