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How easy it is to start eating healthy food

Как легко перейти на правильное питаниеFood in the winter, if you have recovered, it was stressful. The foods that you eat, can hardly have contained the whole set of useful vitamins and minerals. Lack of regular physical activity weakened heart muscle.

Against this background, diet restrictions, diet can only bring harm to the body, provoke exacerbation of chronic diseases or the emergence of new.

About this famous Ukrainian nutritionist Svetlana FUS wrote in his Instagram.

How better to go on a healthy diet?

The first step to my dream – reconsider your diet. Take away all the harmful from the diet, and useful products can be divided into 3 – 4 doses.

“Go down the rabbit hole” in sports: a step-by-step. Start doing morning exercises, lifting no lift on the 3-4th floor.

Put the updates into my new life gradually dosed and not at once – that’s the main rule. Then they will pass without stress, but your efforts will be clear and convenient for you. And you will succeed!

Achievable goals, for example, lose weight in 3 months healthy diet and exercise 3-4 kg and to maintain the achieved weight. Then new habits will imperceptibly become your forever.

Make it your lifestyle. Then you won’t have to lose weight to any date or season.

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