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Hayabusa 2 had the bombing of the asteroid

Hayabusa 2 провёл бомбардировку астероидаThe camera hovers around the asteroid Ryugu (Ryugu) from June 2018.

The Japanese aerospace exploration Agency (JAXA) has shared a photo of a massive crater, which was formed after the probe Hayabusa 2 dropped on the asteroid, some kind of bomb. The explosion was arranged for the sake of science: formed after the explosion funnel the scientists intend to study carefully.

Copper panel, acting as a shell, was released in the direction of a celestial body at a speed of 4,500 mph (about 7242 km/h) to obtain an artificial crater. This metal was chosen due to the fact that the composition of the asteroid it is definitely not, and therefore the samples will not be contaminated. Explosion – not quite what the calculated asteroid, which our solar system is native. But he survived, kept its orbit and will now be subjected to scrutiny. The time of the explosion itself was removed a small wireless camera under the name DCAM3, observed from a distance of about 1 km.

Releasing the projectile, Hayabusa 2 has moved to the other side of the asteroid to protect your body from flying debris. Some time (about two weeks), the spacecraft will have to keep a distance, but then the probe will examine the resulting crater. The unit itself was supposed to land in April. But now he will have to wait until next year to collect all the necessary data.

It was assumed that the artificial crater will be about 10 meters in diameter, but now JAXA claims that the resulting dimple can be twice.

The exact size and shape of the artificial crater will be studied in detail in the future, but we can see that has changed the terrain a width of about 20 meters, – said the space Agency on Twitter. We did not expect such a big change from the impact, so the project has started a lively discussion.

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The samples that Hayabusa 2 will collect on the asteroid, can serve as keys to the origin of the Solar system. The fact that the Ryugu – a relic from the first days of the existence of our planetary system. Obtained in the crater soil samples will allow scientists to understand how the cosmic body, like the Ryuga, migrated from the asteroid belt, and began to revolve around the Earth.

Professor Alan Fitzsimmons from Queen’s University Belfast is devoted to study of such celestial bodies significant role. He believes that they brought to earth the water and organic material necessary for life.

The experiment conducted with the help of Hayabusa 2 to Ruge, is the first of its kind. Before this, mankind has not resorted to such “hard” methods in the study of the structure of astronomical objects.

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