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For show and Soloviev, the Russians are paying billions

За шоу Малахова и Соловьева россияне платят миллиарды

The first channel the necessary additional subsidies in the amount of 6.5 billion rubles for 2018-21 years and 5 billion over the years 2022-25. To such conclusion analysts of the auditing company PwC, prepared by order of the First channel special report. According to experts, the main state channel began to watch less and existing subsidies from the state can’t cover the difference between expenses and income.

However, as it became known from the media, in 2017, the First channel received from the Treasury 7.32 billion rubles. Although this is significantly less than the amount that was allocated in the same year, the network RTR — 25,82 billion.

Analysts also noted that a serious competition to the public channels began to make thematic TV channels. Including those that offer paid subscription. Simply put, the private TV channels have learned to make such content that is not only do they not go in minus, but also to earn money. The First channel and VGTRK continue to show people the movies and programs that cause less interest of the audience.

The idea of state television, which under the guise of “public importance”, funded by taxpayers, must meet the demands of society to receive quality, accurate and interesting information. That is, on the First channel and VGTRK have to discuss urgent problems, to seem interesting films, educational transmission. Or at least interesting sports matches and TV shows that are now mostly only on paid channels.

Instead, show to the audience the endless television shows and done literally at the knee lengthy series. That shows today’s state TV, it can be concluded that the main problem of Russians is the squabbling Ukrainian politicians, the new sanctions against Iran and conflict between alawites and Sunnis in Syria. The same experts, some of which depict “statesmen”, and other “national-traitors”, in an endless cycle of the clock move from the First channel to “Russia”, by Vladimir Solovyov to Artem Sanino hoarse arguing about the future of the Middle East and Ukraine.

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No better and entertaining show, far from politics. When I show women are not able to identify the fathers of their children fighting in the Studio men and therefore turning to a DNA test, it seems that the country has lost the last spiritual ties and turned into a zoo.

But is it possible to hope that the falling ratings force the heads of public channels to revise the editorial policy and to show what people really want?

— State television their main objective is not the education of citizens, manipulation of public consciousness in favor of the current government, says the Director of the Center for the study of social security Institute of innovative development Yevgeny Chudnovets. — That’s why citizens are trying to distract from the truly important social issues, such as pension reform, falling real incomes.

Often the manipulation is sophisticated methods. For example, why shows about unfaithful wives and husbands? Thus trying to touch close to anyone family values. But this is, as we understand it, not in order to tell people about the beauty of true love, but only to lure the attention of the audience.

“SP”: — What alternative content could offer the public channels viewers?

The one that is close to citizens. We have a very talented and wise people, it consists of thinking and educated people, and most importantly — the seekers of justice and truth. Don’t want to say that we need the clock to show the concerts of symphonic music, but on modern styles of music to tell interesting, informative.

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A special place could take of popular scientific programs and documentaries. By the way, all the measurements show that they enjoy watching. People more interesting to see something informative about the cosmos, about history, about the world around, rather than turning into a swearing debate about the internal problems of other countries or stories about adultery.

Please note, pay thematic channels know how to make money on movies about animals, for children’s good Soviet cartoons, at a quality movie. But the public channels with their show forced to seek billions from state budget. This is despite the fact that the public channels are accepted everywhere in the country.

“SP”: — Can the government and society to affect the channels to change the broadcast schedule?

In my opinion, the government should try to build with the citizens of the dialogue. For example, pension reform, none of the people discussed. Only after it broke out in mass protests, people began to explain that the proposed measures are not so bad that it appears to work to the grave is the great happiness, and the concept of “active ageing” can contain additional meaning. But citizens are not waiting for such explanations, and that with them will consult.

If the government acted more openly to people, she’d have more faith. If the officials understand that their words can appreciate, they would have been more restrained in his statements. I would suggest, for example, sometimes show on the public channels broadcast the meetings of the state Duma. Let a wider audience know about which MPs and which parties stand for what decisions and what arguments lead in support of its position. And it turns out that the government takes decisions secretly, and the people at this time talk about other people’s family drama and politics in distant States.

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As for whether society to influence the public channels is a moot point. Citizens are watching less public channels, switching on the thematic channels. Increasingly, the search for necessary information in the Internet. Of course, editors on TV should think about what people need. But it seems that they will remove the expensive for the budget of the controversial show, yet they do not stop to look.

— Alas, these shows look and the ratings were great. Viewers hoisted on the controversial format of the show back in the 90-ies, and since we seem to can’t get rid of this cursed heritage, — says member of the expert Council on development of information society and media of the State Duma Vadim Manukyan. —It’s the same absurdity in Prime time today show assault, abuse and other signs neanderthalish. To replace them can intelligent programs that would elevate the people to raise their educational and cultural qualification. Government now needs to intervene in broadcasting policy of the Federal channels and to impose a ban on the controversial format on channels financed from the budget of the country. Such programs may entertain on private channels, not on those that receive billions from the Treasury. Federal TV, it’s time to show what real country living, about her real problems, not on the kitchen swearing.

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