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Five minutes to criminals. Kokorin and Mamaev fell to the bottom

Без пяти минут уголовники. Кокорин и Мамаев упали на самое дно

The world knows many examples when great talents with his own hands destroyed their lives. But Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev — I think the one who turned this process of falling into a real reality show.

Moscow, October 8, one of the city’s many coffee shops. At a table in the corner sits a man in a business suit. Located near a noisy company of young people who, obviously, has not found common language with the man. Merry is separated from the hood, wielding a chair. In a moment, in a business suit gets a chair to the head. When the beat unsteadily back to his Desk, his face turns to the camera. Bully of the cafe is very similar to the football player Petersburg “Zenith” and Russian national team Alexander Kokorin

“In the building beat the man”

The first message that Kokorin and his sidekick, the player of FC “Krasnodar” Pavel Mamaev, became involved in the brawl, has published a telegram channel Mash.

According to the channel, when the players arrived, the staff decided that they are drunk or are in a condition of narcotic intoxication. They ordered only coffee, and their company noisy behaved.

The staff tried to reassure friends, but it failed. Then they made a comment a regular customer at the coffee shop. Kokorin and Mamaev didn’t like it, and they’re right in the building was beaten by a man, including throwing chairs at him.

A little later came the name of the person who suffered at the hands of the players: Denis Pak, Director of the Department of automotive and railway engineering of the Ministry of industry and trade.

“I’m sorry”: as mom and Kokorin celebrated the defeat

On account of the tandem Kokorin — Mamayev a lot of non-football feats, about which wrote Aephi.


The most notorious of these were the gatherings in Monte Carlo immediately after departure from the European championship 2016.

In the video “event” was seen as on huge trays, decorated with lights, take out dozens of bottles of elite champagne. The action takes place under sounds of the anthem of Russia.

Witnesses claimed that Kokorin and Mamaev rested in a local night club Twiga. During the party friends, bought about 500 bottles of elite champagne “Armand de Brignac” at the price of 500 Euro apiece. Thus, the only champagne they spent about 250 million euros. Kokorin and Mamaev Smoking hookah, treated all comers, and them life partner was dancing on the sofas.

The resonance of the gatherings in Monte Carlo was very strong. So that the Russian football Union and the clubs were forced to take action. “Zenith” and “Krasnodar” friends temporarily transferred to back-up compounds and fined. It was decided not to invite them to the national team of Russia.

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While in October 2016 Life with reference to its sources reported that the RFU had paid the players of 30 million rubles reward for the exit of Russian national team for Euro 2016. Mamaev, who spent three games, got 11 million, Kokorin, who played 9 matches and scored 3 goals — 19 million.

Kokorin after a scandal in Monte Carlo held a press conference at which he said: “I would Like to apologize to anyone offended by my action… I Realize that the mere appearance in such a place looked silly… I apologize to the club management, the team and all the fans who worry about our country and football club “Zenith””.

The barrel Kokorin: as a player fired a gun

Pavel Mamaev since the team was not called, but Kokorin in the main team of the country back. But to do strange things have not stopped.

In December 2017, the Network appeared the video, which Kokorin shot from a pistol. Thank God, not in people, and in the air. As it turned out, everything happened in North Ossetia at the wedding of longtime friend Kokorin, striker Samara “wings of the Soviets” Alan Chochiev.

Videos and in addition photos with guns, including a gun to his own head, put himself Kokorin. What former player of “Zenith” Alexey Igonin , responded: “Dear fans of “Zenith”! Kokorin put the gun to his head… don’t worry!!! Most likely, the player is not in danger, because the head seems little things. And if so, it will continue to delight us with his game.”

Member of the ethics Committee of the Russian football Union, known coach Gennady Kostylev, in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” said: “With him already hundred times spoke. All to no avail. He believes that someone is impossible, and he can. My dad would take a belt and whip a soldier would, as it should be. Maybe then you’ll understand. Should be seriously punished… Talented guy, seems to be normal in life, but utterly spoiled by money and forgiveness. He doesn’t understand that he is a public figure that we must behave with dignity. He holds, and then the brakes go away and he again believes that great that everything is allowed that everyone will forgive you.”

“Whiskers of hope” began with ridicule Kokorin over Cherchesov

Today few people remember that the famous “whiskers of hope”, too, started with post Kokorin in the social network. That’s just nothing positive in them. Alexander and Artem Dzyuba, not included in the Brazil squad for the confederations Cup in 2017, took a photo of with a characteristic gesture, sneering at coach Stanislav Cherchesov.

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The film subsequently returned to the national team and became perhaps the most charismatic figure in the Russian team at the world championship-2018. But Kokorin was a stranger in this celebration of life, although he was absent for a very good reason: in March 2018, he received a severe injury.

The national team of Russia by his breakthrough in the quarter-finals of the world Cup managed to change the country’s attitude towards players in General. So the old sins of the people was ready to forgive with Kokorin and Mamaev. But they, apparently, are not appreciated.

“10летдружбы” turned into a criminal case

On 7 October Alexander Kokorin posted in Instagram photo with Mamaev, with the hashtag “10летдружбы” and signature: “With the Victory of “Zenit” with a goal Pasha, President happy birthday”. According to the location, fun couple was in Moscow.

Where Kokorin with Mamaev spent the night, unknown, but in the morning they were in the establishment of “Coffeemania” on Nikitsky Boulevard in Moscow.

In the first reports about the incident to believe did not want. Still, the beating of a man — this is no joke. However, the publication of the video left no doubt that the incident really took place.

A press-service GU MVD of Russia in Moscow reported: “the results of the verification of information on the fact of the conflict that occurred in one of the cafes of Moscow, criminal case on signs of the crime provided by article 116 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation “Beating”. It was found by police between the citizen and the two young men had a conflict, in which a man was stabbed multiple times. Currently, we have set a complex quickly-search actions and investigative actions directed on disclosing of this crime. The criminal investigation continues.”

“Bullied on a national basis. Insulted honor and dignity”

Police have not named Kokorin and Mamaev, but voiced by attorney Denis Pack Gennady Adunan.

“Kokorin and Mamaev mocked my client on a national basis. Insulted his honor and dignity. And when Denis K. made a remark, Kokorin took a chair and hit him on the head. Then came the rest: there were ten people. Now my client has a concussion, a bruised left hand. We will seek requalification of the article on Hooliganism”, — quotes the words of Donana telegram channel Mash.

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Pavel Mamaev 30 years, Alexander Kokorin — 27. Both, especially Kokorin, was listed as “rising stars of Russian football”.

With “star” Mamaeva question was closed after Euro 2016, but Kokorin continued to believe.

Recently the striker was released after an injury in the match with the Czech “Slavia” and scored the decisive goal. It seemed that things were going smoothly, not far off a return to the national team…

And again Hello. And this time Kokorin with Mamaev clearly crossed the margin. And the consequences can be dire.

“These guys don’t play in the Russian team and apparently never will”

Chief editor of the Directorate of sports broadcasting of the First channel Vasily Konov wrote in his telegram channel: “And “Krasnodar” and “Zenith” conduct its own audit. “Zenith” is one of the strongest security services in RPL. Both players will answer on all severity. Suffice it to recall how they flew after the party two years ago to understand that this time will be no mercy. According to my information, the decisions in both cases will be taken at the highest level.”

The Minister of sports of Russia Pavel Kolobkov in an interview with “championship” was categorical: “In this situation, there can be extenuating circumstances. If this really involved professional athletes, the attacker “Zenit” Alexander Kokorin and midfielder “Krasnodar” Pavel Mamaev, then it is unacceptable. This is unsporting behaviour, which drops a shadow on whole Russian football. These guys don’t play in the Russian team and apparently never will. I guess the owners of the clubs they represent, too, will do conclusions”.

They do not have to spare. In place of the official could be any

The history of national sport in General and football in particular is replete with examples where great talents with his own hands destroyed their lives. But Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev — I think the one who turned this process in the fall of their own real reality show.

Perhaps Kokorin with Mamaev stays out of jail, maybe they’ll stay in football. That’s just their shots on goal will be remembered much less than hitting a chair on the head, pistol shooting and partying in Monte-Carlo.

And no reason to feel for them there. After all, the way these stars could not be official, but any one of us.

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