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Fashion rules the British Royal family. Photo

Правила моды британской королевской семьи. Фото It has its own rules.

To be part of the Royal family is a privilege and a huge responsibility that involves following the rules and adherence to traditions. And all this applies to the choice of wardrobe. In this review, the story about the style Protocol followed by all members of the Royal British family. These rules should take note of those who want to always look elegant.

1. Women from the Royal family usually keep a purse in his left hand

Правила моды британской королевской семьи. Фото

A purse is a common accessory during the Royal tours. According to Royal expert Mickey Meyer of Beaumont Etiquette, it is easy to see that Megan Markle, and Kate Middleton always keep the purse in his left hand. The fact that the right hand should always be free to royalty may greet subjects or shaking someone’s hand.

2. Queen Elizabeth prefers dresses and skirts to pants

Правила моды британской королевской семьи. Фото

The wife of Prince Harry, Megan loves pantsuits – for example, Givenchy black jacket and pants, which she wore during a visit to Ireland in July. The Queen prefers pants to skirts and dresses. Despite Megan’s earlier very often wore trousers, according to the Daily Mail, Prince Harry advised her to take a Trouser suit by Stella McCartney for their Royal tour of Australia.

3. Wedding dresses be sure to show the Queen

Правила моды британской королевской семьи. Фото

By tradition, the Queen approves the final version of wedding dresses for any bride Royal family. Queen Elizabeth has personally approved of the dress Kate Middleton by designer Alexander McQueen in 2011, as well as dress Meghan Markle for her wedding with Prince Harry.

4. Colored nail Polish is unacceptable

Правила моды британской королевской семьи. Фото

Every time Queen Elizabeth or Kate Middleton’s exposed to the public, it is easy to see what color their nails are always neutral. They use pink or clear Polish, since official events are not allowed any liberties. It is known that the Queen used lacquer Essie Ballet Slippers $8 over 28 years.

5. Not everyone can wear a tiara

Tiaras are worn only on the most significant Royal events, and even wear them the bride. Kate Middleton wore a Cartier Halo tiara Queen Elizabeth at her wedding to Prince William in 2011, and several times a tiara of Princess Diana.

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Правила моды британской королевской семьи. Фото

Tiara is the privilege of married women, single or divorced women, and adolescent girls are unable to wear a tiara. “Tiara – the symbol of the coronation of love and loss of innocence in marriage, said in an interview with Forbes, Jeffrey Mann, author of “Tiaras – a history of splendour”.- The bride wore a family tiara, and from this point it passed into the family of her husband.”

6. The Queen uses her handbag for “secret messages”

Правила моды британской королевской семьи. Фото

Certainly, many noticed that the Queen never appears in public without a handbag. The reason for this is quite simple – she uses it for “secret signals.” For example, when Elizabeth wants to go with dinner, she just puts the bag on the table, thus giving the assistants to understand that the visit is over and she wants to go. When during the conversation the Queen puts her handbag on the other hand, this means that she would politely end the conversation.

7. Have clutches there’s another goal – for example, to hide cleavage

Правила моды британской королевской семьи. Фото

Designer handbags Princess Diana, Anya Hindmarch, she called their clutch bags “handbags for the neck.” And really, if you look at old videos you can see how Princess Diana found an ingenious way out, how not to get on the front pages of Newspapers due to the scandalous photos. She was just covered from photographers your neckline purse clutch out of the car.

8. Handbags are also used to avoid handshakes

Правила моды британской королевской семьи. Фото

Kate Middleton is often holding the bag in front of him with both hands, if it considers that a handshake can be awkward or inappropriate, says etiquette expert Myka Meier. That’s why bags Meghan Markle, even those that have a shoulder strap or handle on top, always be in her hands when it comes to Protocol.

But now Megan attends more formal events, and probably soon it will start to appear everywhere with clutches.

9. The Queen wears bright clothes, not because I love all the catchy

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Правила моды британской королевской семьи. Фото

It is difficult to find a photograph of Queen Elizabeth, where she wears clothes, not bright colors, and for good reason. In the documentary “Queen 90” Sophie, Countess of Wessex (the Queen’s daughter-in-law), said, “She needs to stand out so that people could actually say: “I saw the Queen.”

When the Queen wears one of his striking monochrome outfits, the audience can easily distinguish it, even in a large crowd. According to the Queen’s biographer Robert Hardman, Elizabeth once said: “I can never wear beige because nobody will know me.”

10. The Queen wears hats due to the old tradition

Правила моды британской королевской семьи. Фото

Almost any solemn occasion, the Queen wears a hat that matches perfectly with her bright outfits. Obviously, this comes from a very long tradition that women should keep their hair covered. “Until 1950-ies of women are very rarely seen without a hat, because it was not customary for ladies publicly showing their hair, said Diana Mather of konsaltingovoe the Agency’s ethics “English manners.” But things have changed and hats are now designed for more formal events.” In rare cases, when the Queen wears a hat, it can be seen in the crown or a scarf.

11. Members of the Royal family in any trip must take mourning attire

Правила моды британской королевской семьи. Фото

This is probably one of the weirdest rules, but he has a very pragmatic explanation. Every member of the British Royal family, going on a trip, should always have in your Luggage mourning attire. The fact is that in 1952, Princess Elizabeth (when she was not Queen) was visiting in Kenya, and at this time her father died. Because with him she had no black clothes, Elizabeth was forced to wait in the plane until she was taken respective grievous day outfit.

12. Prince George wore only shorts

Правила моды британской королевской семьи. Фото

Besides the fact that Prince George looks adorable in them, the reason he is always photographed in shorts, is that dressing boys in shorts – long tradition of the British Royal family and aristocracy.

“Trousers are designed for boys and older men, while shorts for boys is one of the secret signs of high class in England,” said British etiquette expert William Hanson. He also said that the boys begin to wear trousers in 8 years.

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13. It is forbidden to wear wedges in the Queen’s presence

Правила моды британской королевской семьи. Фото

Perhaps many saw a picture of Kate Middleton playing volleyball in shoes with wedge heels made of cork, but the Queen clearly is not a fan of this style. She really doesn’t like wedgies, and it is well known among all the women in the family. Kate wore these shoes a few times, but never wore such shoes at the Queen.

14. In the state the Queen is the person who razmeshivat for her shoes

Queen Elizabeth appears in public and at various events, and very often, as befits a Queen, in the new shoes. She is constantly on her feet, she has to ask for someone comfortable shoes, otherwise it will constantly go all the time with abrasions and blisters. In an interview with the Evening Standard, the designer Stewart Parvin said: “the Shoes should be immediately comfortable. The Queen can never say: “I am uncomfortable, I can’t walk.”

Правила моды британской королевской семьи. Фото

The man who razmeshivat shoes for the Queen, always wears beige cotton ankle socks ankle and could only walk on carpets.

15. Weighted seams is the trick for avoiding fluttering in the wind dress

The Queen Elizabeth has a special trick that allows her to avoid an awkward situation.

Правила моды британской королевской семьи. Фото

Stewart Parvin, one of her fashion designer told the “daily mail” that sewing weights into the hem of the garment of the Queen, and the hems of outfits to fly in the wind. As a weighting, the designer usually uses conventional lead weights for curtains and curtains.

16. Tights are recommended, although not mandatory

Правила моды британской королевской семьи. Фото

Some may have noticed that Meghan Markle not always wearing tights during a photo session. This is just one example of how Markle violates certain Royal protocols. Although it’s not technically an official rule, it is certainly encouraged. The Queen, Kate Middleton and the late Princess Diana – for them, the tights were a must-have accessory.

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