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Famous Scam known in history. Photo

Знаменитые аферисты, вошедшие в историю. ФотоImpostors, has become incredibly famous.

History has seen dozens of colorful impostors, and although their adventures can simply be considered as interesting (for reasons many of them were filmed), they often merit serious historical study because of the fact that tell us about the times and places in which they lived. Many of their arrogance got away with it because they wanted to believe.

Meet some impostors, known throughout the world.

The captain from köpenick

Wilhelm Voigt (1849-1922) spent most of his life in prison for theft, burglary and forgery when, in October, 1906, won fame for his “pulp masterpiece”. Disguised as a German army captain, he played on the unquestioning obedience of the Prussian soldiers.

Voigt commanded two small groups of soldiers (removing the Sergeant, who could request his credentials) and occupied the town hall in Kopenick, near Berlin. Claiming that city officials are suspected of fraud, he forced soldiers to guard the building until the “confiscated” more than 4,000 marks. The impostor was gone, he ordered the soldiers to wait half an hour, and then disappeared, again dressed in civilian clothes.

Later, Voigt was arrested and spent only 4 years in prison and was pardoned by Kaiser Wilhelm II.

This made the imposter international celebrity – he was admired by Germans and foreigners that he showed the absurdity of German militarism.

Знаменитые аферисты, вошедшие в историю. Фото

The Princess Karabi

In 1817, a young woman appeared in Almondsbury in Gloucestershire, speaking in a strange language and wearing exotic clothes. It turned out that she was a Princess from the East Indies and had been kidnapped by pirates, but escaped by jumping overboard in the Bristol channel.

“The Princess Karabi” (1792-1864) was a novelty for the local nobility, and she was very impressed by them when he visited the fashionable resort of bath.

But soon it learned the daughter of a cobbler from Devon Mary Willcox. After the exposure she went to America, where her fame allowed her to live comfortably showing himself, and one time she was earning money by selling medical leeches. In the end she returned to England where he finished his days.

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Знаменитые аферисты, вошедшие в историю. Фото

Lobsang Rampa

Lobsang Rampa wrote several books about the occult and Eastern religions, which are readily bought in 1950-60-ies in the UK. The first book “the Third eye” (1956) was published under the guise of memoirs of a Tibetan monk, despite the reservations of publishers about its authenticity.

The ramp turned out to be a lot of Koskinen (1910-81), expelled the son of a plumber from Plympton in Devon. He never denied it and explained that he agreed to in his body dwelt the spirit of the Ramp after he fell out of a tree trying to photograph the owl.
Hoskin has written several other books, popularized Buddhism in the UK and America. One of them is “Life with the Lama” (1964), he dictated his beloved Siamese cat.

Знаменитые аферисты, вошедшие в историю. Фото

Ferdinand Demara

Claimed that has a high IQ and a photographic memory, Ferdinand Demara (1921-82) was born into a wealthy family in Massachusetts but left home at age 16 to become a monk, before joining the U.S. army in 1941.

Demara “borrowed” the name of the companion, deserted, has again become a monk, joined the Navy, staged a suicide by any other name became a teacher of psychology. After he was caught and convicted for desertion, Demara entered into another religious order, and then took the name of a friend of a doctor and under the name of Joseph Cyr served as a surgeon on the canadian destroyer during the Korean war. When the ship was delivered 16 wounded, he quickly read the medical textbooks and successfully operated.

The mother of this ser read about it in the newspaper and complained, but the Royal canadian Navy chose not to pursue the charges, and the pretender returned to the United States, where he worked on various posts under various aliases.

Cassie Chadwick

Canadian Elizabeth Bogle (1857-1907) under different names (she got married) was a clairvoyant, contained a brothel and engaged in fraud. She was already extremely successful imposter with great conviction, when he began to argue that is an illegitimate daughter of Andrew Carnegie. Fabulously wealthy steel magnate, according to her, gave her a promissory note in the amount of millions of dollars, and she had to get an incredible amount after his death.

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Banks willingly gave her large sums. For eight years she took on the duty of 10-20 million dollars. and lived in luxury, bought a few diamond necklaces and a home with 30 cabinets and a Golden body.

When it was exposed, Carnegie was present at the process.

Знаменитые аферисты, вошедшие в историю. Фото

Gregor McGregor

The Scotsman MacGregor (1786-1845) joined the army at 16 and served until 1810, he Then went to South America to fight with the rebels in Venezuela and New Granada.

Returning to Britain in 1821, McGregor said that is the head of state Poyais – British colony with a healthy climate and fertile soil. Due to the aggressive and insightful PR campaign, he attracted a large amount of investment and sent to the group of colonists who met a serious disappointment. When the scandal broke, he tried to repeat a similar scheme in France and have made more minor fraud, none of which led to his imprisonment.

After moving to Venezuela in 1838, MacGregor demanded citizenship and honorary rank of General and eventually was recognized as a hero of liberation. When he died in 1845, he was buried with full military honors in the presence of the President and the government. The maps, which are used McGregor, Poyais was on the territory of modern Honduras was the desert.

Знаменитые аферисты, вошедшие в историю. Фото

Grey Owl

Archibald Bielany (1888-1938) the parents of a child left, and he was brought up arrogant and overbearing aunt, who hated. Perhaps this unhappy life forced him to live in a fantasy world in which he became obsessed with native Americans, and many hours to train in knife throwing and shooting.
After Archibald left her job at a local logging company, when almost destroyed the premises by a homemade bomb, he emigrated to Canada, where he worked as a Explorer and a hunter in Northern Ontario. During this time he took the stage name Grey Owl and began to assert that he is the son of Scot and Indian.

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Under the influence of women-the Mohawk named Gertrude Bernard, he refused the fur and became a conservationist, published books and articles which made him famous.

Знаменитые аферисты, вошедшие в историю. Фото

Anne Anderson

In the decades following the revolution in Russia there were people who claimed that they were members of the Royal family, which somehow managed to escape. Anna Anderson (1896-1984) was the most famous.

In the early 1920s, years after treatment in the Berlin mental hospital where Anna was after a suicide attempt, she first attracted the attention of the statement that is the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II Grand Duchess Anastasia. Anna Anderson, as she called herself, lived in the USA and Germany have different friends and supporters, and then married an American historian.

DNA samples of members of the Royal family have confirmed that Anastasia died along with other members of the Royal family.

Знаменитые аферисты, вошедшие в историю. Фото

Erich von Stroheim

One of the first filmmakers (1885-1957) is now remembered as the actor who often portrayed simply by German aristocrats and army officers. He emigrated to America in 1909, claiming that was the Austrian nobleman count Erich Oswald Hans Carl Maria von Stroheim und Nordenvall.

He actually was Austrian, but was born in Vienna as Erich Oswald Stroheim and was the son of a Jewish hat of the wizard.

Frank Abantal

Confident con artist, forger and imposter, Abagnale (b. 1948) argues that at various times was a lawyer, doctor and, most remarkable of all, an airline pilot – all before he was 22 years old. He was imprisoned in France, Sweden, and later in the United States. In the US, he secured a comfortable chamber, and then carried out a brilliant escape, persuading the prison authorities that is a secret inspector.

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