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Famous rich people who have decided to become hermits. Photo

Известные богачи, решившие стать отшельниками. ФотоNot all money brings happiness.

The idea of giving up wealth, fame and society for many seems to be, to put it mildly, wild. But for some people life in the spotlight seems too aggravating. In fact, no one can say why some people feel the need to move away from society. Some probably suffer from mental disorders, while others seem to like not to leave the house over the years, even if they have so much money that you can do anything.

1. Huggett Clark

Huggett Clark was the daughter of a copper magnate, who inherited a huge fortune of more than $ 300 million dollars, but her life became better. Instead surround yourself with beautiful things, Clark decided to spend the last 20 years of his life in a hospital room, despite the fact that she was not sick. It is practically not let to his visitors, and had no personal belongings, except personal clothing, dolls and her collection of violins (which, incidentally, was once part of the greatest masterpiece of Stradivari, known as “mother of God”). Clark owned several homes, including an apartment on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and a mansion in California, but preferred the sterile hospital ward.

Известные богачи, решившие стать отшельниками. Фото

The reason for the seclusion of the women is unknown, but she once called money “a menace to happiness.” After his death in 2011 Huggett Clark left nurse more than $ 30 million, but this was disputed by distant relatives who barely knew of Huggett. In the end, the nurse received nothing (but managed to keep most of the gifts in the amount of $ 31 million which it received from Clark for many years).

2. IDA Wood

IDA wood was a new York socialite in the late nineteenth century, but in 1907 she suddenly moved away from social life and moved to a room in the hotel Herald Square with her sister and daughter, “hiding” from everyone. Every day a messenger knocked on the door and asked if sister something. IDA wood opened the door and asked constantly the same: condensed milk, crackers, coffee, bacon and eggs. Every day she gave him ten cents and said that that’s all she has. Daughter died in 1928.

Известные богачи, решившие стать отшельниками. Фото

In 1931, IDA wood, who was over ninety, suddenly opened the door and called for help. Her sister was dying. When officers entered the hotel room, they found that the bathroom was turned into a makeshift kitchen, and everywhere lay empty box of crackers and rotting food. Among the debris, they also found stock certificates, bonds, and cash hidden in boxes of shoes and a diamond necklace in an empty box of crackers. Enough wood was even $ 500,000 in denominations of $ 10,000 attached to her nightgown. It all seems incredible, but the life of IDA wood was a set of incredible accident. She met her husband after he wrote (at that time essentially a stranger), suggesting a novel and “pleasant intimacy”, and also posing as the daughter of a rich and aristocratic family.

In fact, she was the daughter of a poor Irish immigrant and made his fortune very unusual way. She agreed with her husband, who was a gaming addict, every time he won, then gave half of the winnings to his wife, and if he lost, then also pay her half of their losses. When he was out of money, IDA gave her husband a loan in return for a share in his newspaper business. He died almost without a penny in his pocket, and she kept the fortune in the empty boxes from crackers.

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3. Emily Dickinson

Известные богачи, решившие стать отшельниками. Фото

Emily Dickinson grew up in a wealthy family in Massachusetts (her father was a respected attorney). The family was well known in social circles, but Emily never wanted to be a part of this world. After studying only one year in College, she left him and spent the rest of his life in his father’s house, rarely leaving the house only for doctor visits. Dickinson never married, although she had friends. It is believed that she was in love, because the poems that this poet addressed to no one mysterious lover, but nobody knows who he could be. It is not clear why Dickinson chose this lifestyle, but she died at the home of his father in 1886 and was buried in white clothes that she always wore.

4. Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was undoubtedly a genius. It innovative development connected with electricity, are used to this day. But he was never as famous as his competitor Thomas Edison, mainly because Edison was very eager to fame and did not hesitate to give out other people’s ideas for their own. Tesla, it seemed, had little interest in fame or even money. Although his invention brought millions or even billions of dollars, he seems to have learned from them of little use.

Известные богачи, решившие стать отшельниками. Фото

Tesla had an eidetic memory, he could speak eight languages and rarely took notes during the development of the next projects (the inventor kept it all in memory), despite the fact that they would be useful in obtaining patents. Also Tesla always was a little eccentric and almost certainly suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder. Inventor on several dozen times a day, washed my hands and ate only boiled food. He had strange phobias such as aversion to pearls, which caused him great trouble, even when he was talking to a woman with a pearl necklace around her neck. Tesla believed that his greatest ideas he has in solitude, therefore, prefer to be alone. Poor business acumen led to the fact that the genius squandered his fortune, and in recent years spent moving from hotel to hotel and veseljaci, when the time came to pay the bill.

One day he wanted to pay one of his inventions – a box, which, according to him, contained the death ray, so dangerous, that it was impossible to open. Tesla died in a hotel room in 1943, as usual, alone.

5. Bobby Fischer

Известные богачи, решившие стать отшельниками. Фото

Probably Bobby Fischer can best be described as a restless genius. Prodigy became a national hero when he defeated Soviet grandmaster, in the midst of the cold war, becoming the world chess champion in 1972; and a traitor, when he defied U.S. sanctions to play a rematch in Belgrade during the Balkan wars 20 years later. But Fisher hardly cared about any shortcuts, and generally other people’s opinion. He became paranoid, obsessed with the ideas of conspiracy and pissed at the world.

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Beating the best players in the world, he seemed to have lost the meaning of life. Bobby threw the game of chess, but he was not able to find anything else that could interest him. Making during the interview, very harsh comments after the events of 11 September in the USA, he was in Iceland, where he spent the rest of his life as a hermit. He invented his own form of chess, which without undue modesty, called Fischerandom.

Although in recent years, Fisher looked like a real homeless guy, he had an estate worth several million dollars (though he did not live in it). He was found dead in a hotel room in 2008. However, even after the death of Fisher “did not like”. According to the will, he was buried secretly, without the knowledge of the authorities.

6. Theo and Karl Albrecht

Theo Albrecht opened a grocery Empire ALDI with his brother Karl after the Second world war. They started with a management grocery store of his mother, which they turned into a business that made them billionaires.Theo was kidnapped in 1971 and released after paying a ransom of seven million German marks 17 days after his abduction. Perhaps he was released early, but he seems pretty bargain about the amount and later tried to demand to write it off as business expenses in his tax return.

Известные богачи, решившие стать отшельниками. Фото

After the abduction of the two brothers to behave very cautiously. They are rarely photographed and they were not interviewed. They traveled separately on machines that have never traveled on the same route twice. Of the time both brother’s held on a remote island in the North sea, where they played Golf, grew orchids and collected typewriters. Both men died in Essen, Germany (Theo in 2010, and Karl in 2014).

7. John Wendell II

Известные богачи, решившие стать отшельниками. Фото

At the turn of the 20th century John Wendell II was a real-estate Empire in downtown Manhattan , which today would be worth about $ 1 billion. He built his fortune on four firm principles: never to lay, not to sell, never repaired and always remember that real estate prices on Broadway will increase every ten blocks. From Wendell was no less solid principles on his family. Their home was located in a commercial area surrounded by shops and hotels, and was therefore totally unsuitable as a private estate, but it was worth a fortune.

John did not spend money on newfangled inventions like electricity, telephones or cars. Around the house was not fenced, and passers-by often peeking in Windows to catch a glimpse of the strange little family that they called “Strange Vandelli”. From Wendell, there were seven sisters who lived in the house with him. The John was called “the hermit of Fifth Avenue.”

8. Ella Wendell

After the death of John Wendell sisters continued to live in the house until it remains only Ella Wendel. By the way, only one of the sisters got married – and then only after she could no longer have children, because John Wendell believed that all the knights of his sisters want only to get his money. This meant that simply no one was to inherit a huge fortune.

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Despite this, Ella Wendell continued to live the same as before. Her fortune was estimated at $ 100 million, but she lived in a huge house alone, without modern conveniences. It seemed that her only pleasure for many years were dogs, which she always called Toby. Night Ella walked with Toby at the station, which they owned, and which, following the principles of the business of his brother, it never sold, despite the fact that he was worth millions.

After the death of Ella in 1931, more than 2,000 “relatives” (almost all of them were impostors) said about his share in the inheritance. A large part of the estate was spent on attorney’s fees, and the rest went to charity.

9. Eliza Donnithorne

They say that Eliza Donnithorne inspired Charles Dickens to the way miss Havisham, the abandoned bride who is hopelessly wandering around the house in my wedding gown, awaiting the return of the bridegroom. Donithorn moved to Australia in the 1840’s, along with his father, an officer of the East India company, and continued to live there after his death. In 1889, the “Illustrated Sydney news” published an article about the fact that the bride left at the altar, leaving her “completely upset”.

Eliza fell in love with a young man who didn’t approve of her father, and despite all attempts to separate them, the pair have set a wedding date. Mr. Donnithorne was such an important official that the wedding aroused great interest, and crowds of people lined the streets to at least catch a glimpse of the bride. Eliza Donnithorne in a wedding dress was waiting excitedly at the altar of his beloved. But its all was not. Without waiting for a groom, Eliza then never left the house. Her only interest was books, a huge collection which remained after her death.

10. Marcel Proust

Известные богачи, решившие стать отшельниками. Фото

Marcel Proust was a famous French writer and famous recluse. The author of the book “In search of lost time” before death spent several years in an apartment on the Boulevard Haussmann in Paris. He rarely went outside. Proust suffered from a severe form of asthma that only worsened after the death of his parents. He zvukoizolyatora his work room with panels of tube and hung heavy curtains that no ray of daylight is not trapped inside.

After that he would sleep all day working without a break on his masterpiece, desperately trying to complete it to death. However, relentless time caught up with Proust, and the last three volumes (out of eight) “In search of lost time” was never finished. Proust died in 1922, in his apartment. Although he finished his fundamental work completely, the last volume was complete enough to be published after his death, and the novel became one of the most important works of literature in the world.

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