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Elena Kravets showed his wife

Елена Кравец показала своего супруга Elena and Sergey Kravets do not like to make personal life.

Recently, the star of the Studio “Quarter 95” and the founder of the “Women’s Quarter” Elena Kravetz gave birth to twins: a girl and a boy. After radosny news, many started to wonder about husband celebrity – Sergey. It is worth noting that the man was a rare visitor on secular parties and joint frames the star couple is not very much.

Together the couple has more than 10 years, but othenia hide behind the seven locks. Love story of Elena and Sergey Kravtsov began with the University and the WHC. For a long time they were just friends, but soon between them spun the novel: “One day I noticed that Sergei is already several days did not appear at rehearsals. I think he’s sick.Mobile then was not to have a home phone it was not there. Standing at the bus stop, I hesitated, and then sat in the trolley and went not to his home, and to him. The door was opened by his mother, Natalia,” he shared memories of Helen, – ““Helen, come on in!” I went in, looked around and realized that in this house I live, is like ringing the inner bell”.

Елена Кравец показала своего супруга

In 2003, the couple got their first child – a daughter Masha. When Sergei and Lena moved to Kiev from Krivoy Rog, their lives changed dramatically for the better. As it turned out, a loving husband – one of the creative authors of “Kvartal 95”. For several years Sergey Kravets is actively involved in racing and even participate in international competitions, winning prizes.

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Елена Кравец показала своего супруга

“My family tries to dissuade me from my passions. This is my hobby, and they know it. On the contrary, they support me and even come to be sick. My wife Elena Kravetz I tried not to attach to racing much try to insist that she underwent a course of counter-emergency driving”, – says Sergey.

Елена Кравец показала своего супруга
Елена Кравец показала своего супруга

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