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Each need so to make the stadium

Каждого надо вот так выносить со стадиона

As the spectacle of the dictatorship one of the most disgusting and vulgar, and political competition is great and able to inspire.

The President of Ukraine is not particularly good in the role of a tyrant who needs to overthrow the throne, but if he had no competitors, and six months ago, seriously in this capacity was considered the only honorable veterans, then at some point he would become once uncontested leader of the nation.

But in Ukraine, even during the war there is no such person, from whom everything depends. If not him, anyone, as, indeed, it should be in a democracy.

The President of Ukraine was yelling from the stage “You are Goloborodko!”, after which he took. This is the best way to handle the power, now and always. Each need to make so from the stadium.

It all actually know, that is why Ukraine is now a prominent political mobilization: it is a nation withdraws its confidence from the elite, who tried for five years to steer.

Those who complain that the politicians did not go serious, and as an example of serious politicians offers campaign, Yushchenko and Yanukovych sample of 2004, I want to say: I’m really confused. What should be the policy, democratic and important to people, or serious when authoritative men among themselves to decide in advance?

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