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Dyatlov pass found the remains of two unknown people

На перевале Дятлова нашли неизвестные останки двух людей

Dyatlov pass found the remains of two unknown people. According to “” this finding was in the field researchers after the prosecution was declassified documents from half a century ago.

It turned out that when the second wave of searches, the remaining members of the group, the number of accidentally discovered remains allegedly two men who could not be identified. According to investigators, the two were killed much earlier group of Dyatlov, and also near the scene of the tragedy of tourists in the forest near the ill-fated tree. The remains have not been found traces of a violent death in prison says that they probably died from hypothermia.

Will Napomnim — the group of tourists Dyatlov has been very “serious injury” which causes “suspicion of criminal nature.” As for thoughts about the hurricane, these “natural” version, the experts deny it. The tourists were discovered without any clothes on, but to get the hurricane out of the tent naked, “so don’t make no man”.

“The version of violent death were made immediately, but for unknown reasons the investigation decided to stop”, – quotes the journalist Nicholas Varsegov

Additionally, the clothes of two members of the group were with traces of radioactivity.

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