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Doctors told how to reduce glucose levels in the blood

Медики рассказали, как снизить уровень глюкозы в кровиWhat foods are good.

Scientific experts from Canada came to the conclusion that replacing starchy side dishes lentils effectively reduces the level of glucose in the blood. Thus, according to the experts, it is possible to achieve a 20% reduction “candied” blood.

Replace potatoes and rice in their dishes at the bean! With such an appeal addressed to people with diabetes and prediabetes employees of the Department of health and the science of nutrition and the Department of agriculture and agriculture Canada Allison Duncan and Dan Ramdath.

According to them, the consumption of potatoes and rice in modern humans is too high to ensure that this food could be considered healthy. In half of the cases starchy side dishes needs to be replaced by others, because in large numbers they contribute to the development of tolerance to insulin, what is the reason for the high content of glucose in the blood. All of this is a prerequisite to the development of metabolic syndrome, obesity and diabetes.

As a side dish experts strongly recommend to prefer legumes, and particularly lentils. Replacing half portion of rice with lentils help to reduce the level of glucose in the blood by 20 percent, the replacement of potato by 30, experts say.

“Legumes can reduce chronic diseases associated with improper glucose levels,” – said the scientists.

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