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Doctors called the best hangover remedies from different countries

Медики назвали лучшие средства от похмелья из разных странMost importantly – drink plenty of liquids and rest.

There are different alcoholic drinks but they have much in common. Mood rises, socialization is improved, the street suddenly becomes “something cool”, and “once hot”… And in the morning, in retribution for all sins, there comes a hangover.

Despite the fact that best remedies for a hangover, if you believe the scientists are drinking plenty of fluids and rest, we continue to believe in the power of chicken noodle soup and a pickle, right? The more interesting, as with a hangover, it’s people in other countries. After the consumption of alcohol – history international.

China – Sprite

Chinese researchers have studied in his laboratory 57 drinks to their ability to reduce the classic symptoms of a hangover. So it became clear that Sprite does the job best. Scientists think this is due to the increase in the activity of the enzyme that breaks down acetaldehyde – a toxic substance that our body metaboliziruet ethanol.

Scotland – Irn-bru

To be honest, there is no scientific evidence that carbonated drink Irn-bru is able to reduce the hangover. Here you can use is that the evidence that vitamin C helps the liver to more effectively excrete the toxins. However, the Scots are quite sure that the scheme works, and therefore before loud parties prudently fill the refrigerators of this variation on the theme of “Phantom”.

England – bacon sandwich

Well, a sausage sandwich, if you upgrade a recipe, taking into account national peculiarities. Researchers from Newcastle University (Newcastle University) found that the combination of bread and meat really helps with the symptoms of a hangover pass a little faster. Scientists believe that the reason carbohydrates, which provide energy, and proteins that are broken down into amino acids, allowing the body systems to function in the best way.

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Ecuador – milk Thistle

The people of Ecuador believe that silymarin, a natural arrangement of the seven and one flavolignany and flavonoids found in the seeds of milk Thistle, protects the liver during alcohol consumption and slows down the process of intoxication. That is why silymarin is recommended to use before the party, acting in advance. Scientific evidence? Silymarin at least neutralize the toxins contained in the feed of poultry. The rest of the study continues.

Japan – umeboshi

Umeboshi is popular in Japan pickled apricot fruits, often called “plum umeboshi”. In addition to the positive effect on the heart and digestion, umeboshi, apparently, work well with the liver. Thus, the 2012 study showed that regular consumption of fruit not only protects the liver but also can reduce the damage to the organ, previously obtained. Interestingly, umeboshi the Japanese eat not only as a snack, but actively added to desserts and drinks.

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