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Cultural revolution in Russia

Культурная революция в России

First, SERB thought against street fighting with the opposition. So the guys there were chosen a sturdy, low-browed. But the opposition has made an unexpected move — she took and did not take place.

And the moment completed, budget approved, supervisors from the administration and appointed well, that Garnier lads to stand?

Become all Patriotic movement for Navalny to run. Some green paint to splash, the more the little things play a dirty trick.

Only normal, and here in the administration of the discrepancy came out. Other Department (not the one that they were in charge) decided that the best Bulk often in jail to put. 15 day commit, and even for a month.

And the lads in idle is a dangerous business. They can’t like normal boys, booze quietly until “squirrels”. They give heroism to prove!

Here is one of their ideological soul mate from the Ministry of culture they have advised, and you, when the Bulk administrativku serving, take the eradication of spiritual impoverishment for exhibitions and theatres…

And it went well a case from SERB that he even regretted, why just on this profile is not focused. Was postal in a jar, put in your pocket and to the exhibition. There any image came up, splashed urine. two days is the first news to give.

And, most importantly, safely! On these shows one frail intellectuals go, and them my guys — not touched.

And even better theater to visit. Yesterday went to the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov. It’s you who don’t know, next to the Duma and the Kremlin. There’s “an Ideal husband” is given in the statement of Bogomolov. Well, the guys from the SERB went up to the stage and the actors in the face went through a couple of times. Room just went nuts!

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And they mentovku and zayavlenitse about causing them mental suffering from this theatre please stop this disgrace and take action. So it is not yet possible, maybe Bogomolov fate Serebrennikov repeat.

Patrons of the exhibitions and theatres ask myself the same question. The SERB budget approved before the end of this year or three years as the state budget? It is necessary to know, maybe the darlings of the Department of internal policy and the police will start tomorrow with pictures and actors for the visitors to switch to.

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