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Crimean bridge provoked PE

Крымский мост спровоцировал ЧПCrimean bridge led to the shallowing of the Strait

Crimean bridge was the reason that the ship Maryland ran aground in the Kerch Strait.

As you know, on 13 March the ship under the flag of Liberia moved out of the port of Mariupol in the direction of Italy, but failed to pass the twist in the knee of the Kerch-yenikalsky channel.

It turned out that the invaders have imposed restrictions on the level of eight metres in the channel, although the depth of the bridge is 8.3 metres in this location.

However, the illegal construction of Crimean bridge led to the fact that in this place there was a sand deposition and shallowing of the sea of Azov, which is why foreign ship stranded in the Strait.

The Ministry stated that after the occupation, the Russian Federation is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the Kerch-Animalscom channel.

The ship, carrying 17 tons of metal, is still in the Strait, despite the fact that four tugs tried to refloat it.

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