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Country of imitation: Russia decided to deceive even the dead

Страна имитаций: в России принято обманывать даже мертвых

We persistently present themselves as those who really are not, not having any Empire or Europeans, nor of law, nor a successful model of development, nor power, nor democracy, nor the moral authority nor the center of world culture.

Journalist Alexander Hotz, taking as example the domestic cemetery, wrote on FB a short essay in which brought the main principle of Russian life: the imitation of the West. In fairness it should be noted that cemeteries in Russia have not always been so, a hundred years ago, they differed little from the European. The change began with the coming to power of the Bolsheviks, in a short time destroyed all the traditions together – good and bad.

“Russian cemeteries have always caused me severe feelings. Mainly, lots of paper, and now plastic. Aesthetic sense rejects this “luxury” of acid colors that greets you at the gate wild riot of colors.

It seems that they are doomed to lie not in the churchyard, in the bosom, so to speak, of mother nature, and in some strange shop of props – under the cover of primitive imitations.

Even after death you can’t merge with eternity, “culture” catches you lying “bouquets” and beyond being.

The diversity of counterfeit landscape is just depressing. Despite the “practicality”, paper and plastics are only like memory (and even love), imitation of our presence at the grave of the person.

Instead of a bouquet of flowers – his paper DoppelgangeR, a fake performance of “permanence”. Like paper rose to deceive you, me or a passerby who do not understand the meaning of these antics.

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Industrial scale props – sad (even more sad than an abandoned graveyard), is a direct reference to the theme of the national character. It is obvious that the desire for imitation has long been a part of the national culture, including political.

Imitation of Western forms (starting with Peter) has successfully established itself in Russian history, including the current regime to its similarity to the “Parliament”, “democracy”, “elections”, “courts” and “law”.

We successfully simulated (in the tradition of “Potemkin” fun) legal state, Western lifestyle (with all its gadgets, fashion, institutions, technology and cultural industry).

We portray of themselves as Europeans, pretending to live in a “European country”, listen to Elton John (disregarding his marriage and his sexuality), carried in the pocket smartphones Apple (disregarding Tim cook), go on vacation to Europe (disregarding human rights and LGBT equality), pull-on fashion clothes “Versace” (or their imitation), despising the Creator of the brand, and the spirit of European culture and freedom (which created all of these technologies, capabilities and brands).


In the era of “developed Putinism” we simulate a policy of Imperial and Soviet past, forcing themselves deeper into the pit of our inadequacy. The total system simulations has long been the essence of national existence.

We are persistently trying to cheat the story, posing as those who actually are not – being neither an Empire nor Europeans, nor legal government nor a successful model of development, nor power, nor democracy, nor the moral authority nor the center of world culture.

And even our drinking is part of the imitation psychology, as altered consciousness is just a way to impersonate another person.

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Our motley cemetery, imitating living memory – from the same category. We simulate the memory and love trying to cheat the time itself, and nature, but only reveals his passion for the likes.

It’s not even religious traditions. Western cemeteries are full of flowers and fences. Your flowers at the stone will be the living sign of your presence. In a few days they will wilt but you don’t come to mind to cheat the deceased and the time – the plastic “memory” at his grave.

Yes, of course, aging is part of life. But this is the reality that it is useful to take, not trying to lie to her “immortality” of cheap plastic.

Culture of care – a natural extension of the culture of life. Testing the credibility of nature (including the nature of man) – you will not lay synthetic grass usnama her “Lily” and “peony”.

The power of Western culture – its bundle with reality. Education left in Europe its philosophical trail, giving immunity from mythologies. Respect for reality and makes life alive. Allowing you to move forward, without the need for falsehood and replacements.

The weakness of the “Russian world” – in his inclination to hypocrisy, in an attempt to cheat life, history and time.

The total system simulations, and will bring us to the grave. Which (hopefully) will hoist the monstrous structure of the petals, bows and wires – a wild, acid colors… We deserve it.

The deceased in life loved it. Will please him – in the end – portion favorite “decor”…”

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