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Cosmetologists have listed the main rules of care for Mature skin

Косметологи перечислили основные правила ухода за возрастной кожейSkin requires attention and care.

Which components must be part of anti-aging cosmetics, how to replace tap water for daily washing and as cotton pads help to combat swelling, says dermatologist-cosmetologist Madina Bairamukov.

The older we get, the more attention is forced to focus my skin. In 40 years to wash my face with tap water and do not read the composition of cosmetics, which is used, is a real crime. And carries with it a wrinkle, edema, pigmentation, dehydration of the skin and other age problems. What rules of care it is important to observe those who exchanged the fourth decade, says dermatologist-cosmetologist Madina Bairamukov.

1. Use anti-aging cosmetics. Be sure to look at the composition and don’t forget that on the labels the ingredients are listed in the order of their descending order. The basis of any of the cream is active components. It can be natural oil, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and various vitamins. If they are all at the end of the composition, the benefits likely will not bring.

Well, if you find: cyclohexasiloxane (cyclohexasiloxane) – silicone responsible for skin smoothness and softness; Shea butter – perfectly nourishes; magnesium is a trace mineral that improves circulation and affects the complexion; the oil of the argan tree also nourishes and smoothes out wrinkles; vitamin E known for its antioxidant properties; retinol (vitamin A) and elastin – two anti-aging components that provide the skin elasticity and fight wrinkles.

2. Remember about hydration. One of the most important moisturizers are able to penetrate deep into the skin, is pura urea (urea). Try to acquire skincare for daily use, where in the presence of this component either sodium hyaluronate (salt of hyaluronic acid). It also moisturizes.

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Often manufacturers add a cream with components like Propylene Glycol (propylene glycol) and glycerin, stating their moisturizing properties. But it is not. Propylene glycol is a petroleum product, it is better to avoid it in the composition of anti-aging cosmetics, as it causes irritation, dryness, tightness, flaking skin, and consequently, the appearance of new wrinkles. Glycerine also contributes to dehydration.

3. Wash properly! Tap water not suitable for washing of skin after 40. What to do? To boil water for washing and add 1 teaspoon of baking soda or use for these purposes, the mineral counterpart, which will completely fit you. Alas, universal option that would satisfy the needs of different skin types, no. In this regard, it is necessary to consult with a dermatologist-cosmetologist.

4. Pay attention to the skin around the eyes. To care for this area recommended a two-phase solutions makeup remover, micellar water, oily lotions, cream (to remove waterproof makeup). Remember that we cannot use the usual face cream, we need money and gels marked “for the skin around the eyes.” Such cosmetics increased requirements: for example, it is invalid fluidity that almost completely eliminates the ingress of the eyes.

5. Rid of puffiness in the morning. For this purpose you can use cotton pads soaked with toner, which contains soothing and lymphatic drainage components. For best effect leave them for a few minutes under the eyes. A great alternative hydrogel patches and special cosmetic mask. Regarding the latter, it is better if they are based on snail mucin, peptides, snake venom and plant extracts that moisturizes and lymphatic drainage effect.

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6. Care for neck and decollete, which give the age of any woman. These areas need the same quality care as the face. They are also shown treatments aimed at hydration and recovery of collagen and elastin. Anti-aging with beneficial moisturizers, which we mentioned above, is perfect.

7. Apply cosmetics only along the massage lines and nothing else. For example, when using the cream it is in any case can not spread, stretching the skin. To apply you must patting, vibrating movements.

8. Warn hyperpigmentation, the risk of which increases after 40 at times. The older we get, the worse the skin reacts to the sun. Mandatory use creams with UV protection before going out. This should be done even on a cloudy day in winter. So you protect yourself from a lot of troubles, including melanoma. And in Sunny weather, wear glasses that allow you to control facial expressions and not to squint in the light. In addition, they protect the skin from UV rays, therefore help to keep the skin in this area is young and beautiful as long as possible.

9. Not scared of beauticians. If you have never been to the esthetician, as it happens, it’s time to make it a good habit. In the Arsenal of experts today, many opportunities to prevent aging, to save you from pigmentation, wrinkles, creases, dry skin, gravitational ptosis and other unpleasant things that make age. Most importantly, do not start problems.

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