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Computer taught to identify predniosne as the voice of a man

Компьютер научили определять предпсихозное состояние по голосу человека

Technology continues to move forward, and artificial intelligence again and again demonstrate their incredible ability.

Employees of Emory University and Harvard medical school proved that human speech is really changing phase of psychosis. This observation in the future may actively be used to identify mental disorders early, in order to avoid complications.

The project authors believe that during predmetnogo state level semantic density in human speech is getting low. In addition, patients often use words related to sounds and voices, which indicates that they have auditory hallucinations.

Artificial intelligence, during the experience, has done almost faultlessly. The result is 93% accurate diagnoses.

Research staff noted that this result is higher than most tests, which have a 20% margin of error.

It is also known that in addition to the psychotic artificial intelligence is able to determine the presence of depressive disorders and some other diseases.

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