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Colombian Consul walking left Venezuela

Колумбийские консулы пешком покинули Венесуэлу Guide recommended to the consuls to remain in the country

Four Colombian Consul left the territory of Venezuela and back to Colombia. The diplomats headed by the Colombian consulates located in the cities of San Antonio, San Cristobal, Puerto Ayacucho and San Carlos del Zulia.

All the consuls crossed the border on foot through the next few checkpoints.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Colombia, Carlos Holmes Trujillo ordered the return of the diplomats in the country, despite the fact that the interim President of Venezuela Juan Guido recommended to the consuls to remain in the country.

Earlier President Nicolas Maduro said that Venezuela would break off diplomatic relations with Colombia and send employees to the Colombian Embassy in Caracas.

Before that it was decided on the temporary closure of three bridges on the border with Colombia to prevent the arrival of humanitarian aid the United States in the country.

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