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Celebrities who found the “elixir of youth”. Photo

Знаменитости, нашедшие «эликсир молодости». Фото They still look great.

For anybody not a secret that in order to maintain the appearance of Hollywood celebrities use the services of beauticians, stylists, trainers, nutritionists and plastic surgeons. But even with this Arsenal of helpers to resist old age does not, after all the time, sooner or later, will gain the upper hand over them.

However, the dozen stars of show business, which will be discussed in our article, managed to prove the opposite. You will be shocked to learn their real age!

Christie Brinkley

Знаменитости, нашедшие «эликсир молодости». Фото

First place in our ranking, of course, is Christie Brinkley. Just look at this sexy beauty in the photo. And she, incidentally, 64 years!

When Christie appears on the social events in the society of three adult children, people taking it for their eldest sister, but not mother. And is the secret of youth and beauty of the American model in vegetarianism and nutrition. Those who love to eat sweet and spend the weekend at McDonald’s, there was serious reason to think…

Jennifer Lopez

Знаменитости, нашедшие «эликсир молодости». Фото

Another celebrity, looking at that, you begin to believe in the existence of a rejuvenating source – Jennifer Lopez. The woman sings, dances, film actor, mother of two children and leads a successful business. But most importantly, she looks like a supermodel, but he that came down from the podium, and in your 49 years!

The secret of Jennifer Lopez consists in the complete abstinence from alcohol. Singer argues that for many years does not touch alcohol, except for ceremonial events. When someone makes a toast, j-Lo, too, raises his glass and takes one SIP of the drink, but then the rest of the evening drinking only water.

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Gwen Stefani

Знаменитости, нашедшие «эликсир молодости». Фото

Gwen Stefani – J. Lo coeval. But would you believe that very soon this woman will have change for fifty? The singer says that luxurious look allows her a break from makeup. Gwen Stefani also strongly encourages all girls to use to wash your hair only the soft water to the hair has always remained delicate and beautiful.

Devon Aoki

Знаменитости, нашедшие «эликсир молодости». Фото

This pretty girl a few months ago was… no, not 19… 36 years! Devon have two children, but that does not stop her doing some modeling and acting in films. The most famous of its projects – the role in the film “sin City” where she played the mute assassin Miho, and participation in the third “fast and Furious”.

Victoria Beckham

Знаменитости, нашедшие «эликсир молодости». Фото

Who do not know, in front of you 44-year-old wife of David Beckham, the former participant of group Spice Girl, singer, designer and businesswoman. The mother of four children!

Recently we told how varied with age, hair and celebrity style, but she is still the same beauty!

Jared Leto

Знаменитости, нашедшие «эликсир молодости». Фото

Jared Leto 46 years, but it is still “dry” pretty young students! And all because the soloist Thirty Seconds to Mars, like a good wine – gets better.

Brad Pitt

Знаменитости, нашедшие «эликсир молодости». Фото

Another man in our ranking – 54-year-old brad pitt. Not surprisingly, even in this age, the actor continues to be one of the main sex symbols of Hollywood.

Salma Hayek

Знаменитости, нашедшие «эликсир молодости». Фото

It’s hard to believe this beauty turned 52! Every day Salma flooded with questions about how she manages to look so good, and some of the secrets the actress was happy to share.

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Salma admitted that he is not a supporter of the sports lifestyle, as often she doesn’t have time for this. However, possibly the woman attends Pilates, doing restorative yoga or scuba diving.

And Salma loves to eat! The actress practically in what does not deny. But it is as long as the numbers on the scales will not be over the maximum mark. Then Salma reduces the consumption of too much high-calorie food, though not for long…

Susan Sarandon

Знаменитости, нашедшие «эликсир молодости». Фото

Those who are not familiar with the works of Susan Sarandon, I think that this is a typical actress of middle age. But, no! Before you won numerous awards, including a BAFTA and an Oscar, who played his most famous role after 40 years.

“So how old is she now?” – you will be surprised. And she was 72! Susan has three adult children and two grandchildren. It is still a lot in films and it does that very cleverly.

Jane Fonda

Знаменитости, нашедшие «эликсир молодости». Фото

Well, what’s the rating of “forever young” will be without Jane Fonda? The beautiful lady that you see in the photo, this year will be 81!

Once Jane became famous all over the world with its promotion of fitness on television. Since then, the actress regarding physical activity have not changed – the woman is convinced that it regular exercise are key to a healthy and happy life. Of course, not do without proper nutrition: the Foundation almost does not use sugar and instead tries to lean on a variety of vegetables.


Знаменитости, нашедшие «эликсир молодости». Фото

In his 46 Tarkan looks as impressive as two dozen years ago. By the way, this year a Turkish singer and a constant favorite of women for the first time became a father.

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Minka Kelly

Знаменитости, нашедшие «эликсир молодости». Фото

American actress minka Kelly could easily play a student in the teen Comedy, because the external data is enable. Nobody would think that the pretty woman for 38 years. Looks high at 20!

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