Friday , November 22 2019
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Fatal accident in China killed 12 people

The accident killed 12 people, another 11 were injuredIt is reported that around 14:00 local time while driving on the side of the overturned car, which led to casualties. As a result of incident 8 persons died on the spot, 4 others died in hospital, 11 were injured. All the …

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In Japan, the car careered into a crowd of children.

The children stood at the crossroads. In Japan, the car drove into a crowd of children, which together with the kindergarten teacher went for a walk. As a result of the collision injured 15 people, 13 of them children aged two and three years. Two year-old child died. Children together …

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California has lost an abnormal number of whales

Whales die from collisions with boats and from hunger. In California, nearly two months nine marine mammals were found dead in the Bay area of San Francisco. This series of deaths, which, according to experts, was caused mainly by the impacts of boats or malnutrition – the phenomenon unusual. “It’s …

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Everest cleared of rubbish, took three tons of garbage

Volunteers started cleaning up the mount Everest and collected three tons of trash during the first two weeks of the campaign. For the two weeks of 14 volunteers gathered on Everest three tons of garbage. Take left by tourists the trash with a height of 8 thousand meters is the …

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Cyprus Minister resigned after a series of murders

The President has accepted the resignation of the Minister of justice.The Minister of justice and public order of Cyprus, Ionas Nicolaou, resigned Thursday, may 2, in connection with the serial murders that occurred in the country. “I filed a letter of resignation only for reasons of political ethics, knowing that …

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In Sri Lanka, detained a man with 6.5 kg of explosives

He found 215 detonators.In Trincomalee the naval forces of Sri Lanka detained men had a 6.5 kilograms of explosives. It is reported that the result of the search, the police found the suspect 51 a stick of gelignite, each of which weighs about 130 grams, 8 meters of wick and …

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