Saturday , August 17 2019
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The Russians overthrew the Soviet power

So, friends — today will be a post about how the Russians overthrew the Soviet government. 28 years ago, in August 1991, Moscow hosted the event, later called “the coup”. What happened in these days? Former members of the Soviet government in whatever way was sought to preserve the Soviet …

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Cossacks under the manual control of Putin

August 3, Passed a Law by which the atamans military Cossack societies will be personally appointed by the President of the Russian Federation. Now the President of Russia has the authority in determining the order of approval and order of approval of the statutes of the Cossack societies, and also …

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And you’re “out of politics”?

I never understood people who said they were “outside politics.” As for me, politics is our life, and without it is possible, perhaps, to go into a deep thicket of the forest, to build from the branches himself a hut, dried or pickled mushrooms for the winter, abandoning health insurance, …

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The new people’s militia

In Russia there is civic activism, does not need external leaders to develop a culture of peaceful protest. To fight him the authorities will be very difficult. The closer the polling day, scheduled this year for September 8, the stronger boil overflowing passion. The election protests were held in several …

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Joke with dogs and plastic film angered the public

Some pet owners have invented their seemingly funny joke their Pets. And soon this fashion under the name “InvisibleChallenge” is widespread in the global network. The essence of drawing is the fact that the owners pull in the doorway colorless plastic film and beckon dogs. Themselves they just step over …

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