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The benefits of red wine denied

A glass of red wine a day will not reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, said chief of cardiac surgery, SMRC of surgery named after Vishnevsky, Ministry of health of Russia, cardiovascular surgeon Vadim Popov. It is reported by RIA Novosti. According to the doctor, to maintain heart health …

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The farmer, who drank the blood

Superstitious fear often drives us to extremes. In awe of the otherworldly forces, in the past people have resorted to mystical rituals. One such case occurred in the United States about 200 years ago. In those days, tuberculosis patients were often considered vampires because of their resemblance with mythological characters …

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Killer dinosaurs from outer space

To the question — can more or less large asteroids to collide with Earth? astronomers give a definite answer: Yes. And not just “can” and collision is almost inevitable. The earth was repeatedly exposed to similar impacts from space. However, mostly such collision occurred in extremely remote from our time …

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Fans of rap can not boast of a high IQ

American psychological Association together with their Oxford colleagues conducted a large-scale study on the relationship of music preference and IQ. To ensure that the results were international in nature, the researchers initiated a social survey in different countries. To participate managed 36 thousands of music lovers. Respondents talked about their …

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The famous Newton

Have you noticed how the eyes are the frog-the wah when she saw fallen in the river a drop of water ? Now imagine what were the eyes of Isaac Newton when he was on his head fell an Apple ! Just because we all not speak the truth. It …

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