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What is the cosmic web?

Looking at the night sky, it seems that stars and galaxies are located more or less at random. It is, however, not quite. Despite the randomness, the universe is not a random mess of objects. It may seem surprising, but the Universe has a structure, consisting of massive filaments of …

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When was the New West?

Published the beginning of the article “Progressive era economic social formation: General and specific.” Formally, this article continues the discussion of the process of formation of the New West, begun in the article “the rise of the New West: from Rome to the “Frankish Empire”,” published October 4, 2019. In …

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Lithium-carbon battery is seven times better than lithium-ion

Lithium-carbon batteries are extremely efficient batteries, because they are specific energy density seven times higher than lithium-ion batteries. However, until now scientists could not create a fully rechargeable lithium battery carbon dioxide. And now researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago stated that it had successfully tested a prototype …

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Found landing platform probe “Chandrayaan-2”

The orbital module mission “Chandrayaan-2” managed to find on the moon’s surface deflatable platform, “Vikram”, on Board of which was the first Indian lunar Rover “Pragyan”. The statement was made head of the Indian space research organization (ISRO) Dr. Kailasanatha Sivan (Sivan Kailasavadivoo). “Vikram” has ceased to contact on the …

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ROC called Darwin’s theory “completely unscientific” in comparison with biblical teaching

The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church, head of the Patriarchal Commission on family matters, protection of motherhood and childhood Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov said that the theory of evolution of Charles Darwin’s “completely unscientific”. This statement was made at the conference “Family and family values of the traditional religions of …

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