Saturday , August 17 2019
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“The first ball” Zelensky

State visit to Turkey was for the Ukrainian President’s debut. At home believe that, in Ankara and Istanbul, the national leader, at least, certainly not disgraced himself. “Ah, nicely said about how rich we will soon begin to live! sigh millions of Ukrainian viewers at the TV screens. But why …

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Why do we need Putin?

Despite the assurances of the Kremlin spin doctors, if the Russian President goes, the world will not collapse and the country will fall into hell. We are trying hard to accustom to thought that “no Putin — no Russia”. However, twenty years of stay in power the current President makes …

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Canada in the trade war against China

The conflict between the Chinese Huawei and the US government lasts more than 10 years only in the open phase. In the Pentagon report in 2008 recommended “to limit or prevent access to Huawei’s American information and network resources… state or a military nature“ In 2010, the U.S. Congress classified …

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Extinguish fires stars of show business

A large part of the negative reaction of users of social networks on the fires associated with the current extent of the fire. Many users in their reports, the statistics of the Greеnpeace: “last year Russia lost in the fire record of forests for ten years, from 1.7 million hectares …

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This war is not interesting to anyone

Let’s be honest: would burn Moscow is all alarmed and only about Moscow and would tell. But burning in Siberia. And fills Tulun — so news is important but not the main. Were not the days or even weeks. Burns for a long time. And burns so that the extinguishing …

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