Sunday , April 21 2019
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Relations between Russia and the overthrow of the regime in Sudan

Pros: 1. Periodic gestures of the leadership of the Sudan towards Moscow in recent years (a complimentary assessment of Russia’s policy in the middle East, statements about the possible strengthening of military cooperation). Moscow and Khartoum stated the proximity of approaches to settlement in Syria, Libya, Iraq. Moscow has opposed …

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Parapsychology deep Russia

An ignorant person in power is threatening the modern society. Dullness of mind is no less scary than any of the biblical sins. Military development — leading edge of science. Much of what has enriched civilization, created with the purpose of winning battles. The range is endless — from a …

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The political scientist Valery Solovey predicted Russia turmoil

Including Russia TV, just make sure that the country is on the brink of the abyss: a moribund economy, impoverished the population, corrupt government, the persecution of dissidents… And the country that, naturally, is called the Ukraine. What is the purpose of Russian celebrationist and government in General and how …

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