Monday , June 17 2019
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Need people or holders of passports?

In Russia, no one wants to admit frankly weak results of the migration policy of the state, experts say. The Russian Federation needs migrants, but we still repressive legislation in this area. However, the demographic situation in the country is such that migration won’t help her. The Kremlin is taking …

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Saakashvili: our way with Klitschko will not cross

Today, ex-President of Georgia and former Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili stated that he and his party “Vigente . Saakashvili underlined that he does not need anybody’s support. We are talking about the proposal that was received from the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko in the address Saakashvili. …

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Should Russia believe in friendship with China

The XI Jinping’s visit to Russia has the status of a state. But as said, meeting him in the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, is not as important a status as the opportunity to meet again. The two presidents communicate more than regularly. Three dozen meetings over six years – an absolute …

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Demographics getting worse

In the I quarter of 2019, the natural decrease of the population, i.e. the excess of deaths (461,9 thousand) over births (of 355.2 thousand), amounted to 106.7 thousand people. This is substantially more compared to the same period last year: -87,3 thousand people, that is, the already bad demographic situation …

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Trump is trying to bring us back to the stone age

There is no “American goods”, “Chinese goods”, “Russian goods”. Today, any product is a product made from raw materials, components and technologies produced in many countries in many commodities in many countries. The basis of international trade is intermediate goods, i.e. raw materials and components. The business feels the most …

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“The decision on tough scenarios”

After new clashes at the station Sees environmental activists said that their camp will be demolished In the Arkhangelsk region at the station Sees, where the regional authorities intend to build a testing ground for Moscow of garbage, clashes of security forces and citizens who oppose the landfill. 29 may …

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