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Photo reportage

Original ideas layout for small apartments. Photo

Small apartment can be cozy. Photo ideas for a cozy apartment with his hands. It is best to equip the apartment with furniture. But it is a particularly important component of the comfort – walls. Decorate their family pictures, their creativity and paintings and your apartment will be your Paradise.

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Work and leisure of young people in Soviet times. Photo

Pictures taken more than 50 years ago. In November 1967, LIFE magazine published photos from the series “the Soviet youth”. Photographer bill Eppridge was able to create wonderful portraits, which capture the people, the fashion and the spirit of those years. These old photographs perfectly convey the atmosphere of the …

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Beautiful living tunnels made of trees. Photo

Some parks and alleys look fabulous thanks to these tunnels. Many of us, especially those living in large cities, sorely lacking in the life of nature. Therefore, it is extremely nice it is to stroll through the fabulous living corridor of woven crowns of trees, literally plunged into the nature …

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Amazing sculptures made out of seashells. Photo

Each sculpture consists of thousands of components. Modern art uses all possible ways to Express the ideas. The artist Rowan mersh (Rowan Mersh) decided to take the materials for his work from the sea bottom and it has paid off. Thousands of shells are connected to these sculptural masterpieces, producing …

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