Wednesday , February 20 2019
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The concussion turned the man into a musical genius

Amazing event occurred in the United States. Derek Amato is an American who at the time was in a world of printed publications because of their truly amazing stories. Far from music, he one morning 13 years ago woke up a musical genius. Surprisingly, it happened after Derek had a …

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Scientists have found an unusual cause hair growth

Hair growth accelerates-familiar “goose bumps”. American scientists from Harvard University found the nerves and muscles involved in the appearance of goose skin, stimulate stem skin cells to create hair follicles and hair growth. On this discovery, the researchers told a meeting of the American society for cell biology and the …

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“Kepler” has helped to detect unusual supernova

Researchers have proposed two theories. Observations of the space telescope “Kepler”, which has already completed work has helped astronomers to detect unusual supernova in the constellation of Cancer. At the end of the life cycle of a massive star is a bright flash – an explosion, accompanied by the emission …

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In Antarctica, found object, distorting time

The researchers say that they saw a time portal. A group of American and British scientists came across in Antarctica on an interesting object when doing research in climate science. The experts could find the time portal. According to physicist Marianne Maclean, the sky suddenly a clot of gray fog, …

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