Friday , November 15 2019
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Scientists have proposed to beat the robots to relieve stress

The object recognizes swear words, “absorbing” them and “recycles” the light of day. A group of researchers from the University Carnegie Mellon has introduced a new development designed to simplify the process of stress relief and relaxation. It is proposed to use four kinds of “cathartic” robots. First in the …

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In Egypt found 4500-year-old burial

In the tomb were found a limestone statues and wooden coffins. Archaeologists have discovered painted tombs, but also of wood and clay funerary masks. The Ministry of antiquities of Egypt announced the discovery of a 4500-year-old cemetery near the Giza pyramids on the outskirts of Cairo. It is noted that …

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Mars has made an inexplicable discovery

Stone on the planet’s surface has a smooth rectangular recess. The nature of unusual rectangular shape, says a popular Taiwanese UFO researcher Scott Waring. Thus, according to the researcher, everything has right angles, it was created artificially by intelligent beings like you and me. The specialist reviewed on the website …

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Hayabusa 2 had the bombing of the asteroid

The camera hovers around the asteroid Ryugu (Ryugu) from June 2018. The Japanese aerospace exploration Agency (JAXA) has shared a photo of a massive crater, which was formed after the probe Hayabusa 2 dropped on the asteroid, some kind of bomb. The explosion was arranged for the sake of science: …

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Was found the oldest trace of a man

The trail was found on the dry lake Osorno. Scientists discovered in South America, the most ancient traces of man. The oldest trace of a human leg were found on the dry lake Osorno, in Chile. The trail, which is reportedly around 15 000 years, today is considered the oldest …

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