Sunday , April 21 2019
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Found another potentially habitable planet

A NASA telescope called TESS found in space, a planet similar to Earth. Possible new home of people out of settlements, and began active work on the planet not talking about friendly attitude. The Earth’s population is growing and the planet’s resources are depleted. Pollution will soon reach a peak, …

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Scientists create food for the colonists of the moon

Ideally, scientists want to achieve a complete cycle. Specialists of the Japanese aerospace exploration Agency (JAXA) develop special food for future colonists of the moon. It is assumed that the full menu will be available on the moon roughly by 2040, if there is working one or more permanent stations. …

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Scientists have modeled the effects of global warming

The plots were almost completely flooded due to a sharp rise in sea level. Scientists have pictured how it will look our planet in the year 2100. The changes simulated given the ongoing global warming. Videosimulator consequences of global climate change, published on the channel to The Weather Channel. The …

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Scientists have found a unique piece of dinosaur skin

Skin fragments of dinosaurs were found in various places over the past years. The researchers found dinosaur skin traces inside the size of one inch near the city Jinju in South Korea. It is a unique find because of well-preserved soft tissue of ancient creatures, such as skin and bone, …

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Guest from the future predicted a quick war

The man claims that he traveled in time. Jason Quitt, who claims that he can travel in time, recently spoke about the horrors of the great War. According to him, it will happen soon. Jason Quitt is very popular in USA, because it has a huge variety of contacts and …

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