Wednesday , February 20 2019
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Time humor: a dozen jokes on Friday night

Only positive and smile. Good mood in the evening secured, we have selected for you the most funny jokes. You need not be afraid of aliens, and people who saw them. For what Igor has pulled stop-the crane, he was fined three thousand. But the fall mother-in-law from the top …

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Fresh jokes that will make your mood excellent

Not to laugh is impossible. Funny jokes will help to make your night good. Hello, this is a club for people with mood swings? Yeah, glad to see the fuck out of here. – Hello, doctor. I come to you. – Undress!.. Undressed? – Yes! – Get dressed. – But… …

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In Africa he found the collapsed alien craft

The video is gaining popularity. On YouTube channel “UFOmania” appeared the video, which contained images of the Zambezi river. There is, in the opinion of the authors of the video, crashed flying saucer. The coordinates of the following points: 18°04’14.8″S 26°40’35.3″E. If you believe the accuracy of the estimated length …

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The reaction of the puppy to the bath amused Network

The video is gaining popularity. This dog named Rollo just five months, and the owners have never washed pet, doing wipes. However, recently, the 27-year-old Gabe Fullerton from Refrewshire (Scotland) took Rollo out for a long walk in the woods, and the puppy is very dirty. Then the owners realized …

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