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Campaigning against poverty

Кампанейщина по борьбе с бедностью

In eight regions of Russia will start pilot projects to reduce the number of families with incomes below the subsistence minimum. And we are not talking about how to make the population richer, and how to make the accounting of the poorest and to build charts showing when these families can leave the set the bar of poverty, and report that “all right”.

Firstly, the work only design officials, should be carried out continuously, systematically, and not in the form of campaigning. Secondly, judging by the wording “pilot project,” officials are not just ready to solve the problem across the country, but I doubt that they will be able to solve it even in eight designated regions.

In General, the idea with the experiment for transfer of a dozen families in the list of absolutely poor and the poor conventionally, are consonant with the admonition of United Russia, issued a brochure “Saving the mind”, where readers are advised to conduct “energy audits” of the apartment and equip housing light sensors that will help you to save 10-15 rubles per month. You should also constantly clean the dust on the lamps — it is to bring in the family budget another 20 rubles a month, and sometimes even to use candles… a bath is recommended to replace the shower and the cistern of the toilet to set two modes of discharge — this will save a further 48 per month. The feeling is that we are in the midst of the Leningrad blockade, when we are offered a manual on how to survive to ounces of bread.

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Misters officials! Over people is not necessary to experiment. People need help, creating conditions so that they could earn. But instead created antislave — light small and medium businesses, increasing the tax burden on everything.

Running such experiments and funding the brochures on survival at the subsistence level of 3.5 thousand per month, the government actually subscribes to the inability to solve socio-economic tasks in the interests of the population of their own country. And since this is at best incompetence as failure to achieve something that should, the government should resign and make place for those who are able to manage!

Alexei Filatov, Vice-President of the International Association of veterans of division of Antiterror “alpha”

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