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Camera aboard the ISS photographed a flying saucer

Камера на борту МКС засняла летающую тарелку The object spotted on the online broadcast from the station.

Hunters UFO regularly reviewing entries made by various spacecraft. From time to time they do discover some interesting things, which are often very difficult to explain.

However, this does not apply to recent cases: the lens of the camera got disc-shaped object that was traveling at high speed. It’s definitely not space debris or an artifact of photography. Really finally people were able to capture a UFO?

To understand this question, it is best to begin to argue, as the sceptics. First, NASA has not once been caught in a lie, so it is possible that the broadcast was fake. So, for example, during the broadcast tesellata on the show Elon musk, people noticed air bubbles in the cosmos is simply impossible to run. Secondly, it is very strange that of the ISS so often attracts various apparatuses of alien civilizations.

Maybe the experts by using the “direct” broadcasts prepared the people for a meeting? People seeing regularly obviously alien device, getting used to the idea that there is someone else. Every year guests increasingly flashed in front of the cameras of NASA, not particularly hiding himself.

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