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Called proven folk remedy from low blood pressure

Названо проверенное народное средство от пониженного давленияWhat to do if the blood pressure.

Flashing spots in the eyes, ringing in the ears, weakness in the extremities, pale skin, fatigue, loss of concentration can all honk about that person significantly decreased blood pressure.

According to the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya, in a situation with a falling pressure do not own to take any medications if the medication was not taken earlier and was not prescribed by a physician. What you can do is drink a Cup of strong black sweet tea. Ideally with dried apricots.

Coffee also contributes to high blood pressure, but also can cause the spasm of vessels (if, for example, the difference between the upper and lower pressure a large). Therefore, said the doctor, better not to risk it and not drink at all.

The pressure drop can be caused by many factors. This often occurs against a lack of nutrients, especially in the heat of appetite and is not desirable. In this case, it is useful to eat – specifically, to eat black bread with butter and cheese. This kind of sandwich contains fats, carbohydrates and b vitamins – nutrients that quickly restore energy vitality.

Also weak from the lower pressure to the person will be useful dried fruits, which activates the protective forces and help the heart due to the high content of potassium.

If the cases of pressure drop again, need to apply for the examination. The reason for this violation can be as stress and fatigue, and hormonal disorders, diabetes, heart failure.

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