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Called habits for rapid weight loss

Названы привычки, способствующие быстрому похудению9 simple habits that will really help to lose weight.

Sitting on a diet or buying a gym membership, a lot of girls understand that in the near future they have not sweet.

Limitations of self-torture, and other unpleasant moments are generally considered as necessary measures to find harmony.

However, the experience of real girls who have achieved in losing weight noticeable results, it shows that sometimes small changes in lifestyle do not work worse! We decided to share them with you:

Stop trying to weigh in every day

“Focus on volumes and well-being, and not on the figures which show the scale. When I stopped to weigh myself every morning, the slimming process became less stressful and more efficient,” Nina, 32 years.

Don’t ignore your weaknesses – learn how to satisfy them the healthy way

“Can’t live without chocolate, but if you completely give it up, fall into depression. I deduced this formula: eat sweets in the morning, to 12, and choose healthy snacks – e.g. cereal bars with dark chocolate, nuts and berries AXA”, – Dasha, 28.

Replace the food out of boredom more useful exercise

“In the evenings I used to eat everything that comes their way, but not because of hunger, but because of banal boredom. Then I decided to occupy myself with something else: he bought some pencils and a beautiful coloring draw, settle down and completely forget about the snacks”, – Irina, 22 years old.

Give up elevators and escalators

“More recently I only go on the stairs absolutely everywhere. Live on the fourth floor, working on the eighth, and do not use the Elevator at home or in the office. In the subway I do not stand on the escalator and rise on foot is always so small changes helped me lose about 15 pounds over 8 months to run her first marathon,” Tanya, 33 years.

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Love coffee

“I started drinking coffee black, without cream, sugar, milk and syrup – a couple of weeks later noticed that my stomach was flatter”, – Karina, 27 years.

And forget about alcohol

“I don’t mind missing a few glasses of wine with friends or enjoy a beer in the pub, but I recently decided to take the challenge and have completely given up alcohol for a month. Surprisingly, she is not expecting I lost four kilograms, despite the fact that eat as usual and in the gym did not go”, – Natasha, 24 years old.

Be good to yourself

“Praise yourself, make yourself compliments and try to think positively – it’s much easier to make a choice in favor of healthy foods and exercise regularly!”, – Alena, age 38.

Make sure you drink enough water

“As a friend told me that water helps to lose weight. I bought a beautiful bottle and set myself the task: to drink 2.5 – 3 liters a day. This habit has become a discovery for me – I’ve been eating less, I lost 5 pounds and have much improved skin condition” – Marina, 23 years.

Cook on the grill

“To lose weight does not mean to abandon the delicious food. I, for example, I love steaks, but cook them in the pan and on the grill, without oil. It turns out useful and delicious. On the grill, cooking vegetables, rolls, pita with chicken is definitely one of the best investments in the health of my family” – Vic, 32.

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