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Bright image… at any price

Светлый образ… любой ценой

Here is a typical comment in one of the discussions in my journal: “…not blind, they certainly know everything, and remember! I don’t even know that someone have to be that they are some mental disabilities, or mentally retarded, or he’s a goner freaks and degenerates? can’t after all normal people did not notice such trivial things…” (https://escaping-man.livejournal.com/profile” target=”_self” rel=”nofollow”>Светлый образ… любой ценойescaping_man)

This is a comment in the discussion thread some, not very bright side (so to speak) Soviet reality. In fact, many people wonder: how, why those some of those who lived in Soviet times and should remember all the “charm” of that era, today so selflessly showered without exception, themes, Union, comments in the style of: “Oh, how wonderful we lived then”, “Oh, how I want to go back there”, “wow, what a slander, our refrigerator was always Packed with sausage and meat,” etc., etc.

Some observers come to the conclusion that this is some kind of mental disease, something like cancer of the brain in half with amnesia on a background of sloppily conducted lobotomies. I do not agree with this. That is, on the one hand, Yes, among the Keepers of the Light image of the “born in the USSR” schizophrenics and crazy city a lot. And yet, along with instances, which would decorate as exhibits any mental health facility, quite a lot of sane and mentally healthy people who take care of the Image of Light, protect it and cherish, embellish the fence regularly and strongly bdim. Not to be unfounded, I propose to proceed under the cat and to see the exhibit.

Светлый образ… любой ценой

The situation is actually simple to the ridiculous. A Keeper of the Light Image (mike1973) in discussion (with gorlum220) is a naive burst of candor and reports the following.

At a young age (8-9 years) the appointed Guardian of my mother (and maybe father or grandmother) accidentally at the grocery store on the outskirts of Moscow bought pressed caviar (at the price of 12 roubles for kg). In some other discussions already in our time, some modern representative of the young generation Keeper (not at a young age) this case said, throwing a few words (“this story is one thing,” he says happily). In particular, omitted the time that the purchase was made accidentally, that is a kind of stick the lad got the story that in the Soviet time in any grocery store, Moscow could easily buy eggs.

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Besides, it’s not in the discussion, but it seemed to be self arises – the Keeper certainly has not said that the caviar was pressed, not grainy, and why his story in some other discussion looked likely:

“Yes, in the early 80s in his grocery store on the outskirts of Moscow regularly buying caviar”. Point.

Not even going to dwell on that moment, pressed caviar refers to granular about as well as oil to the 98-th gasoline. This in fact is not so important. Guardian of the Image, according to his statement (“granular caviar when buttering bread lays down a thin layer of”), hardly ever seen caviar not in the picture. However, it is possible that his mother how ever bought the restaurant from the back door of the caviar (100 grams) and put this jewel on the bread really ten eggs on a sandwich, why do the Guardian and the impression that caviar does well on the bread with a thick layer is not greasy. But salty, stick to teeth black clay (pressed caviar), accidentally bought at the grocery store, for the future of the Custodian and have not regretted my cut from a piece of a chunk, like a piece of sausage doctoral.

But it’s all really little things. Amazing other: this children’s joyous immediacy with which the Guardian reports around the world: “Yes, I blatantly and shamelessly lied. But because I acted from the best motives, I’m lying to the current young generation the impression of the Soviet Union as something good” As themselves, he writes: “it is better to let young comrades associate the Soviet Union with black caviar in the stores, not with the queues and shortages”. From this passage, by the way, we can assume that his revelations this subject shared with the “young comrades” are not the infamous Alley Goblin.

In this case, there is a clear demonstration of popular idiomatic expression: “simplicity is worse than theft”. Well I want the character that the youth had about the USSR positive image and therefore he’s lying. Lying with a calm certainty that makes good business. In principle, well done. Well done, not because of lying but because they honestly admitted it. After all, how many on the Internet picks all of the guardians of the Light makes blinking lying about caviar, which is sold in every grocery store, about the fact that sausage and meat can be bought in any store in any city, about the fact that patches of the Soviet people was so large that it was easy for them to buy meat in the market if suddenly (by accident!) in the state store ran out of meat. And a lot more then another lie. Lie inspiration, tasteful, at times, seem themselves are beginning to believe their own lies, and when the haze of lies is, they miss that the real Soviet Union (which they naturally remember), was very far from their hecatomb lie heaped up for the sake – of course! – for the sake of a HOLY purpose in order – ATTENTION! – the youth of the Soviet Union not associated with the queues and shortages.

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If you think about it, there is nothing strange when you consider that these creatures are a product of the Communist system, and she in turn did not care about reliability when doing massive propaganda. Communist propaganda in the Soviet Union shamelessly lied, distorted reality, manipulated the facts, hide unpleasant realities, locked up in special depositories threat information, destroying everyone who tried to challenge her or defamed, is reduced to a caricature, anybody that was beyond her control (being in distant foreign countries), but had the opportunity to tell the truth about the Communists and they created the system.

As you can see, since then, little has changed. The current Keepers of the Light Image exactly trying to repeat all the technology of Communist propaganda. The only difference is that first, in the USSR propaganda sat sometimes very talented people (from whom to choose, given access to a good manger were received by the promoter), and secondly, total control of the Communists of all aspects of the life of the Soviet people allowed them to easily remove from the field of view of a Soviet citizen any information (media reports, books, films, songs), which could expose the Communist propaganda lies.

And what about our Internet propagandist like this mike1973? They are all sad. First, their intellectual level is somewhere on the level of the plinth and just not comparable with the intelligence and vision of leading Communist-Soviet propagandists, such as Alexander Bovin. Hence, all the “finds” of guardians of the poor and do not go further with the dumbest lies. Second, they have to act not in a sterile situation of the USSR, when there was only one point of view at all events – the point of view of the Communist party – and in a situation of free access to any information and in a situation when against the Keepers of the Light image are people whose intellectual capabilities greatly exceed the capabilities of the Soviet Internet patriots. In this regard, all this noisy activity Sovetov usually nothing but laughter is not. However, they are all the same guess, so I prefer to lose the heap in any thoroughly protected against the penetration of unpleasant points of view pens, like the aforementioned Alley. That’s where they deep breath and finally calm down, starting with abandon to lie to each other, writing one fiction more absurd than the other.

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They do not understand only one. Some random teenager, of course you can tell a lie with three boxes about bursting with tubs of caviar the shelves of Soviet grocery stores. But does not seem to be any opportunity to prevent a teenager to obtain information from other sources. And one day when this teen finds out how really things were in the USSR (say, the same eggs), it usually arises in the soul a sense of disgust which arises from any who tried to shamelessly cheat. And then the attitude towards the USSR, this teen becomes more negative, and negative, than if he had originally told the truth. This is a fee for a stupid lie.

But intellectual cripples (which are the Keepers and defenders of the Light image of the USSR) to understand this simple truth can not, in principle. So continue to lie, lie and lie by omitting the image of the Soviet Union. After all, if the image of the Soviet Union protected by lies, and his followers are liars (and sometimes inadequate), who believe that the USSR could be something good? After all, good and light does not need to protect the lie. But if anything, except lies, to create a positive image impossible, it is, as they say, with the object of protection is clear – it is rare stuff.

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