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Because of the poor quality of Russian oil is out of order equipment to the oil refinery

Из-за некачественной российской нефти вышло из строя оборудование на Мозырском НПЗ

Mozyr refinery said that low-quality Russian raw materials led to the failure of expensive equipment. Information about this is available on the website of the company.

The refinery stated that in the last few days, the plant processes crude oil of Urals with high content of chlororganics, which have high corrosion activity. Bad quality of the processed material effect on the operation of the equipment. So, on April 20th, the complex LK-6U No. 2 of section-100 of the identified gaps of heat exchange tubes of air cooler HC-105, consisting of six sections. Mechanical repair businesses have made the dismantling of the equipment and started to repair.

Pre-Commission inspection with participation of representatives of the concern “Belneftekhim”, the state scientific institution “PTI NAS of Belarus”, Belarusian chamber of Commerce and industry, Mozyr Department of GOU Gospromnadzor and the OJSC “Mozyr refinery” established signs of corrosion damage of heat exchange tubes.

According to the Director of Mozyr oil refinery Vitaly Pavlov, in this situation the specialists of the enterprise have acted quickly and clearly. The plant was organized, and monitored the status of equipment and technological regime with a view to prompt action. The increased flow of reagents, which help to reduce corrosive wear.

In spite of the problems associated with corrosion deterioration of equipment, “Mozyr oil refinery” still produces commodity products conforming international quality standards, full range, assured in the enterprise.

The Ministry of energy of Russia recognizes the fact of reducing the quality of the oil pipeline “Friendship”, stating that the deterioration of the quality of oil “is of a technical nature”. The Ministry stressed that the problem “is not related to the issues discussed with Belarusian partners regarding the cooperation in the oil and gas sector in the medium and long term.”

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