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Another failure Tutberidze, figure skating

Failure Alina Sagitova the championship Europe skating again podojil slobot coach, Tutberidze from a psychological point of view. Being able to expect success with the juniors. it is a complete ignoramus in the work with more vzroslymi skaters.

Evegenia Medvedev appeared in his behavior smarter this semblablement Madam. Offended trainersa inflicted huge moral damage to one skater, and actually koumala another. The bad performance of Alina Sagitova entirely on the conscience of this adult ladies. who lives for today and ready to break all. for the sake of personal tales about himself.

The success of the pupils of Coach Alexei Mishin Sophia Samodurova. databaseso your power success and long-term achievements of their ucinkov gives hope…

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