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ALMA heard “cry baby” from the new-born star

ALMA услышала "плач младенца" со стороны новорожденной звездыAstronomers have penetrated into the details of the mysterious origin of two different gas streams observed from the newborn stars.

Using the radio Observatory ALMA, the researchers found that the flow is moving with a smaller speed and a high-speed jet coming from the stars are not aligned in space and that the fast jet was formed later a slow stream. This allowed the team to argue that these two flows were emitted from different areas protsvetanie drive.

Newborn stars grow by accretion of the surrounding material, which is the gas and dust, but not all the material end up inside the star. Part of the material ejected from the surface of the future light, forming streams of material, or jets, resembling in this period of the evolution of stars “cry baby”.

In the new work, YUKO Matsushita (Matsushita Yuko), a graduate student of Kyushu University, Japan, and her team used the ALMA Observatory to observations of the flow structure coming from the stars MMS5/OMC-3 and found two different flow moving at different speeds. Data analysis showed that the fast jet was emitted about 500 years ago, while a slow stream was formed 1300 years ago.

Regarding the origin of streams of material is emitted from the newborn star, there are two major alternative points of view. One hypothesis is that the different character of the streams emitted from different zones of the circumstellar disk, and the second version assumes that the star emits a fast jet, which then crashed into the surrounding star cloud of gas and dust, forming a secondary flow of material moving with lower speed.

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The results obtained in this study favor the first hypothesis, according to which flows of material, spewed a newborn star, come from the various regions of its circumstellar disk, I think Matsushita and colleagues. The study is published in the Astrophysical journal.

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