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A breakthrough in the creation of processors with a thickness of atom

Совершен прорыв в создании процессоров толщиной в атом

An international team of researchers reported the discovery of a new method of production of two-dimensional microchips, which can lead to even more miniature and fast semiconductors.

Scientists under the direction of Professor Eliza Raido demonstrated that lithography is superior to conventional methods of creating metal electrodes for two-dimensional semiconductors such as molybdenum disulphide. Such transition metals are able to replace silicon in the production of chips about the size of an atom. A new method, called thermal scanning probe lithography (t-SPL), has a number of advantages over the modern electron beam lithography.

First, the thermal lithography greatly enhances the quality of two-dimensional transistors, compensating the Schottky barrier preventing the flow of electrons at the metal and the two-dimensional substrate.

Also, unlike electron-beam lithography, thermal allows developers to easily create the image of two-dimensional semiconductor, and then to place the electrodes in the right place.

In addition, t-SPL promises to be a more economical method of production is carried out in ambient conditions, without requiring high energy electrons and ultra-high vacuum. Finally, this method is easily scalable for industry through the use of parallel thermal probes.

Professor Raido hoped that the t-SPL is committed to abandon the clean room with expensive equipment, and scientists to conduct research directly in the lab, quickly creating and testing advanced materials.

Last summer, an international team of physicists has taken an important step in the development of two-dimensional semiconductors, learning to control the exciton effects in two-dimensional heterostructures. The basis they also took other promising 2D material diselenide wolframite.

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